Web Services: Contract First?

I was reading Don’s blog this morning and he links to Aaron’s post about designing web services with the “contract first” mentality. Here’s my two cents: To answer question #1: Yes, I absolutely believe in contract first. Defining web service should be no different than defining any other API. You define your interfaces first using […]

FormatterAssemblyStyle.Simple: Not So Simple?

We’re doing some work right now with persistance of object graphs into a SQL server image field using the BinaryFormatter. We’re using “simple” serialization, meaning we’re just marking our types with the SerializableAttribute and whatever transient fields shouldn’t be serialized we’re marking with NonSerializedAttribute. I realize that this problem could be solved if we go and implement ISerializable […]

First Post!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new home for my blog. I haven’t posted up in quite some time, but I’ve been lurking in the comments of other people’s posts and more recently I’ve been frequenting Channel9. My old weblog was hosted on weblogs.asp.net. I’d like to thank Scott for inviting me as one of the […]