Creating Scrolling Tabs Using WPF’s TabControl

Someone posted a question in the WPF MSDN forums today where they wondered if it was “easy” to change the default stacking behavior of the TabControl to use the scrolling paradigm used in an application such IE7 or Visual Studio instead. It turns out this is actually very “easy” in that you don’t have to write a […]

Can’t wait for VSTE for DB Pros!

Run, don’t walk, over to Channel9 and check out this awesome demonstration of all the capabilities of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. Then click here to download the latest CTP which was released last week. While database projects weren’t amazing in VS2003, I was extremely frustrated that they absolutely crippled the feature in VS2005. […]

Objective-C, object communication patterns and the Cocoa API

Yes, another Mac post. Is this nuts or what? 🙂 Anyway, I’ve been doing more work with Obj-C and the Cocoa APIs. Specifically I’ve been figuring out how to use NSAlert (the equivalent of MessageBox in WinForms) and also how to work with their networking APIs to do things like GET and POST. While these […]