Paul Thurott looks at Leopard and sums up Apple’s Vista envy quite nicely

I kinda hinted at how lame the Vista bashing was in my first post about the WWDC. Well, Paul Thurott basically says everything I would have to say quite nicely here in his OSX Leopard preview. I can’t wait until certain other features are able to be talked about because it’ll be really fun to […]

WWDC Day 2: Apple playing catch-up in technology

So, I can’t talk about anything that isn’t already on the web because, unlike a PDC, everything you learn at WWDC is considered private. What I can say is that while OSX is undeniably kicking XP’s ass and probably going to still come out on top of Vista in terms of user experiece, they sure […]

Miguel calls WPF the J2EE of GUI APIs

My friend Doug pointed me to Miguel’s post about WPF today where he calls it the J2EE of GUI APIs. While I’ve read some of Miguel’s previous posts about WPF, to make such a broad statement as this, you would think a person would back it up with some examples of exactly what about Avalon is so overly-complex, […]