VS 2008 JavaScript support still not quite ready for writing rich web apps

Ok, I have to vent a little here. I was really expecting Microsoft to step up the game for their JavaScript support in VS 2008 and unfortunately there are still some serious issues that prevent it from even getting close. These problems even exist after installing the hotfix rollup that came out last week. Let’s […]

No implementation of a Session-State Store Provider over Memcache out there yet?

All my searching tells me that nobody out there has created a custom Session-State Store Provider for ASP.NET that sits on top of Memcache. Are people just hardcoding themselves to Memcache API directly rather than using the provider model? Or are most people just happy with ASP.NET’s out of the box state server? So sad […]

Microsoft rethinks Silverlight versioning scheme and plans to add more rich WPF features

Well, in case you hadn’t already read today, Scott Guthrie has announced a few things about some upcoming beta releases. One of the betas talked about is the next version of Silverlight which used to be labeled as version 1.1. Microsoft has rethought this strategy and is instead going to call it 2.0. If you […]

Vote on ASP.NET AJAX Web Service Exception Handling Bug

I’ve reported a bug over on connect with the full details, but basically what it boils down to is that there’s no way to raise exception detail from ScriptMethods when ASP.NET custom error handling is enabled. What happens is that the RestHandler for ScriptMethods detects the custom error handling is enabled and literally throws out […]