No Pressure…

Ahh… only five hours remaining until the fruit of the past few months of my life goes into Beta. Feels pretty good now that we’re nearing the end of things, but can you imagine having this thing hanging in your row reading only one month left with a high bug count and incomplete feature set on your hands? […]

DesignersLove.Net Debuts

Came across DesignersLove.Net via a post over on Chris Anderson’s blog. It’s just getting started, but I’m already sending the link out to all of my designer friends. I have been trying to preach to them about the separation of content and behavior in Avalon and they really seem to love the idea of maintaining […]

My Thoughts on AJAX

I’ve been sitting on a lot of thoughts about this whole AJAX phenomena that is sweeping the industry lately. Tons of people have thrown their two cents in already and I’ve been meaning to post my thoughts, so here goes. 🙂  First off, let me beat the horse one more time and say: AJAX is […]

You Know VS.NET 2003 Is Going To Blow Up When….

You know VS.NET 2003 is going to blow up when you look at the process with cordbg and see way too many “Compilation Domains”: PID=0x910 (2320) Name=C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET 2003Common7IDE ID=113 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=112 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=111 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=110 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=109 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=108 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=107 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=106 AppDomainName=Compilation […]