Aero Not Based On Avalon?

Scoble says Aero is not based on Avalon. I’m not so sure about that. To the best of my knowledge it is. I mean, it’s entirely possible that it’s not since it could skirt around Avalon and talk directly to DirectX and/or the Longhorn Display Driver Model (LDDM) itself, but then that would mean that I’ve […]

Mozilla/FireFox Not Written By Magical Software Elves After All

Now, I loooove Mozilla/FireFox and am so happy that there’s such a great alternative to IE (especially since it’s available on other platforms) so this isn’t a knock on the technology. It’s targeted at the people who like to pretend that the Mozilla/FireFox codebase is somehow blessed by the software gods to be completely free of flaws/vulnerabilities. The realists in this industry […]

Adobe Open Sources Adam and Eve

Adobe has open sourced a couple libraries they’re working on called Adam and Eve. From my brief skim through the overview, both libraries essentially sound like they aim to provide a cross platform architecture that is somewhat equivalent to what Avalon is going to deliver for Windows. Adam, for example, sounds somewhat like the DependencyObject + DependencyProperty + Expression features of […]

Yahoo Web Service APIs

Well Yahoo has released their search engine web service APIs. The fact that they chose to ignore industry standard communication protocols (SOAP + WS-*) was just a bad decision IMHO. Now all the toolkits that exist for various languages/frameworks are useless in helping the programmer develop against these APIs and everyone must roll their own […]