Awesome Avalon Databinding Sample

Chris Sells continues his Avalon based solitaire application by delving deeper into the databinding architecture of Avalon. My favorite part of the sample is his use of data transformers. They’re really powerful because you can basically bind to any type of data, stick the transformer in the middle and let it interpret it how ever it likes… even […]

Congratulations Valentino Rossi, MotoGP Champion 2004!

I don’t know what kind of following there is for MotoGP amongst the developer community, but since motorcycle racing is one of my hobbies it’s my favorite sport to watch. Valentino Rossi has just clinched the 2004 championship over rival Sete Gibernau in an AMAZING race at Phillip Island. Rossi only needed to place second and could […]

Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Edit and Continue for C# in VS2005

The cat’s out of the bag and the word is spreading like wildfire: Microsoft has added Edit and Continue to C# for VS2005. The VS/Framework developers are really knocking me over with their support for the community these days. I mean, I’ve always had good relationships with them and been able to affect minor features via feedback […]

Implementing IXmlSerializable Disables Support for XmlRootAttribute

I’ve dealt with this before, but I’m bumping into it again so I figured I’d blog about it to vent a little… If you implement IXmlSerializable to customize the output of your type when it partakes in XML serialization, you can’t even decorate it with XmlRootAttribute. This basically means that if your type is the […]

Passport Integration for MSN Music/Radio with WMP10 Sucks

I freakin’ hate that when I click the music or radio tab in WMP10 that I’m not automatically logged in based on the Passport account linked to my Windows login. It looks like it logs me in automagically if I browse there with my MSN browser, so I’m guessing that this is WMP10’s fault. What’s the point […]

XAML Syntax Changes On The Way

Rob Relyea has posted a few tidbits on syntax changes we can expect in the next drop of XAML. I especially like the disconnection of resources, which are too closely tied to Avalon in current drops. I also loved the little jab that Rob makes at knockoff technologies about holding off on announcing the new syntax […]

Avalon 3D: Do we need it right now if it doesn’t deliver what we need?

Ryan Dawson made a post called “Avalon 3D Must-Haves”. In the post he makes a few good points about the 3D stack in Avalon that I figured I’d chime in on. Here goes… I think his first point is the most important. If we can’t use another scene as an interactive texture on a 3D surface then that’s […]

Whidbey XmlSerializer Bug Worth Understanding/Voting On

.NET XML API pundit, Daniel Cazzulino, has brought to light a bug in the way the Whidbey version of the XmlSerializer works with respect to fixed attribute values. If you used fixed values and expect them to be emmitted correctly to the instance document, I suggest you go vote this bug up. That said, I think I […]