Microsoft Research is at it again. They’re working on an experimental language called Spec#. Generics used to be an MSR project, now they’re one of the staples of .NET 2.0, so ya never know just which features of Spec# might be showing up in C# 3.0. Then again the famed data centric language features (X#/Xen/C-Omega) still haven’t […]

A Request for the IE Team: Embrace the Community

After reading this post on IEBlog, particularily this part: “I’d love to say more about what we’re working on right now on this front. I can’t.” … I just felt I needed to vent a little frustration and make a request to the team. I don’t understand why you guys can’t talk about what you’re doing with […]

Amazon Message Queuing Web Service…?

I just noticed Amazon is beta testing a Message Queuing Web Service (via TSS.NET). What has me scratching my head here is, what exactly is Amazon doing here? Are they getting into the software business now? Previously everything they’ve released has been to enable them to sell more goods, but this service seems like it’s a pure software product […]

Why is WSE2’s SoapClient class abstract?

Ok, so the question in the title a little misleading… I actually know why it’s abstract, but what I don’t understand why it was designed that way. It forces me to always subclass it and add my own methods, decorated with SoapMethodAttribute, just so I can send a SoapEnvelope from client to server. What’s lame […]