WinFX SDK “Avalon” Community Technology Preview Edition Released

Woah, this seems to have come out of left field. This is the version that runs on Window XP SP2 and 2003. Read all about it here and then go download it on MSDN subscriptions under  “Tools, SDKs, and DDKs -> Platform Tools, SDKs, DDKs -> Tools, SDKs, and DDKs | Platform Tools, SDKs, DDKs”. I […]

Exposing Public Properties From Your ASP.NET Pages Considered Harmful?

Betrand Le Roy made a post called “Why you shouldn’t expose public properties from your pages”. For the 99% of the scenarios I agree with him since it would obviously prevent your control from being reused ubiquitously, but there is at least one scenario where I see this as acceptable: when creating a shell environment scenario like […]

Why Has The Whidbey Whirlwind Subsided?

Jeff Putz asks “What happend to the Whidbey hype?”. It’s a great question and a few people have already commented on the post with their thoughts, but I figured I’d chime in with my thoughts here. I think the biggest reason things have died down is that back then the features were new to the runtime or our favorite […]

HalfLife2 Installation Failure (because of an .ico file)

Man, am I a happy customer right about now lemme tell ya! I’m trying to install Half-Life 2 and am on the fourth installation CD (of five, since for some reason they only sell the DVD as a special edition for $20 dollars more) and it’s trying to copy the HL2 icon for the game. […]

ParseChildren(true, “Content”) Fails When Child is a Form Element?

I’ve looked around and haven’t seen this described anywhere. It’s a tough bug to come up with a succint search query for though, so maybe I just missed someone else reporting it. In any case here are the details in case anyone else ever runs into this. Basically, if you create a UserControl, decorate it’s code-behind […]

Considerations for Nested Classes

Shawn Van Ness posted a list called “101 Uses for Nested Classes”. I found it informative so maybe you will too. Utilty classes is my personal main usage for them, but one use that Shawn didn’t list was to provide concrete implementations of interfaces that don’t require any exposing any public members of their own. The […]

Mimeo Ranked #186 of Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies

I don’t blog about my company very often, but I’m pretty pshyced about this. We made Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies List and we’re up there at #186! We’ve had some really amazing growth this year that seems to be snowballing more and more. I’m proud to see this company go from the nothing it […]

String: The XML World’s Equivalent of void*

So I jumped into a discussion on microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.webservices where the author asked the best way to send DataSets over web services. One of the initial responses was basically (to paraphrase) “…just pass it as strings and use GetXml, ReadXml to dehydrate/rehydrate the DataSet…”. The author of said post has, IMHO, been trying to tap dance […]