Thoughts on VS.NET 2005 Class Designer’s Code-Formatting

I came across this post and figured I’d offer up my own opinions as well… The default formatting would honestly keep me from using the class designer for anything but reverse engineering and visualizing the code I have already hand written. Even though everyone has a different way of doing it, the structure of the code […]

Got Avalon or Indigo Feedback/Bugs? Let Microsoft Know!

Just noticed, via a post from Chris Sells, that the MSDN Product Feedback application is now accepting bugs for Avalon and Indigo. Here’s your chance to provide feedback and bug reports to Microsoft. Don’t like the way something works? Having problems with a certain scenario? Well this is the place to let Microsoft know now before […]

March CTP Avalon+Indigo+WinFX SDK Now Available For Public Download

Saw this morning that the SDK is now available to the masses. Click here to head on over and download it. Make sure you’re running the right VS.NET versions and that you pay close attention to the uninstall/re-install order. FWIW, I had no problems uninstalling the previous CTP and installing the new CTP on top […]

You Know VS.NET 2003 Is Going To Blow Up When….

You know VS.NET 2003 is going to blow up when you look at the process with cordbg and see way too many “Compilation Domains”: PID=0x910 (2320) Name=C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET 2003Common7IDE ID=113 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=112 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=111 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=110 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=109 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=108 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=107 AppDomainName=Compilation Domain ID=106 AppDomainName=Compilation […]