f(m): A Client JavaScript Library That Mimics .NET BCL

I came across the f(m) project via the Ajaxian Blog. It’s pretty neat to see someone undertaking this. I realize there’s lots of little scripting frameworks out there, but AFAIK no one has taken the same angle to model it after the .NET BCL. One of the coolest libraries f(m) offers is one that mimics System.Threading. For […]

Official Microsoft Avalon Beta 1 RC Changes Documentation

Tim Sneath posts up the official set of changes (Word format) for the May Beta 1 RC. Word is this will also be availble on MSDN soon. It actually has a less complete list of renames/reorganizations than the change log I’ve been maintaining so be sure to check that out, but it does a better job introducing some of […]

Avalon: May ’05 Beta 1 RC Change Log Commentary

Here’s some quick and dirty changes I’ve noticed from the March CTP to the May Beta 1 RC. Hopefully Microsoft will post a formal change log soon: General FrameworkElement::ID property renamed FrameworkElement::Name. Subsequently any properties that used to point to a FrameworkElement by ID now point by Name (e.g. SetterTimeLine::TargetName). IPropertyChanged interface renamed to INotifyPropertyChanged System.Windows.Shapes.StretchableShape […]

Avalon Naming Conventions

Nick Kramer, a PM on the Avalon team, bursts into the blogging scene with his first post being about Avalon’s various naming conventions. The primary need for these conventions is for discoverability through reflection. The primary “client” that needs to reflect on types using these patterns is the Avalon serialization architecture itself. However, these patterns can also be leveraged by design time […]

Microsoft’s Language Choices

Dare posted up the other day about Microsoft’s language choices and how they have “missed the boat” with some of today’s trendsetters. He mentions that Microsoft is too busy competing with Java and the JVM with C# and, as a result, other language/technology crowds aren’t receiving enough attention. He makes some good points, so definitely give it a read. I originally just commented on […]

IanG on the Avalon Input and Command Architecture

Ian just put up a great, simple overview of Avalon’s input and command architecture. Having this type of stuff baked right into the framework just makes life so much easier for application/control developers. We get to focus on our specific problem rather than having to worry about all these silly plumbing problems.

Avalon MarkupExtension To Bind Directly To Another Element Instance In The Logical Tree

This was a pretty interesting experiment. Ian Griffiths made a post to the Avalon NG asking why it wasn’t possible to just put the ID of a node into the Target property of a Label in XAML. The reason is because it’s a property that expects another FrameworkElement instance. So I created a custom MarkupExtension to provide […]