Mimeo.com Named A Red Herring 100 Company

My company, Mimeo.com, has been named a Red Herring 100 company (press release). That puts us amongst ninety-nine other private companies who are changing the face of their respective markets. It’s an honor to even be mentioned as a finalist let alone actually end up on the list. I remember when this company was just a few […]

Chris Anderson Avalon Interview

An interview with Chris Anderson just went up over on Channel 9 where he talks about the “nuts and bolts” of Avalon. If you’re the type of person that likes to know how the pixels end up on the screen then this is the video to watch. Topics discussed: How Avalon sits on DirectX and User32 The Avalon stack: […]

IronPython Becoming The Official Scripting Language for AvPad

Chris Anderson is jumping on the Python bandwagon and is building support into AvPad for IronPython as a scripting language. Pretty interesting stuff. In his latest post, he has extended IronPython to support ICustomTypeDescriptor so that you can interrogate an IronPython object at runtime and discover properties that may have been added on the fly. The main […]

The First Time I Can Remember Winning Anything

I received notification this morning that I won tickets from a KROCK contest (local radio station here in NYC) to go see Coldplay at a private showing at the Beacon theatre. I had been trying for about a week to win and finally got lucky last Friday for the six o’clock drawing. I’ve been a Colplay fan for a […]

More on Layout Differences Between Setting RenderTransform vs. TransformDecorator

Filipe shows the layout difference between applying a straight Transform to a UIElement’s RenderTransform and nesting the element in a TransformDecorator with AffectsLayout=”True”. He doesn’t show it, but it’s important to note that TransformDecorator with AffectsLayout=”False” results in the same effect as a straight RenderTransform, making it pretty much senseless to use in that case since the […]

Understanding Threading In Avalon

Here’s a thread in the Avalon newsgroup that I was participating in that shows why it’s important to put any kind of long operations on a background thread. Basically if you’re familiar with the threading model of WinForms then you know you need to put long running operations on a background thread and marshal calls to update […]

Viewbox vs. TransformDecorator for Layout

Filipe Fortes, a PM on the Avalon team over at Microsoft, has put up a couple of posts about the Viewbox and TransformDecorator with a ScaleTransform. His posts deal specifically with the different effects the two have on content layout. This is yet another part of Avalon that I see people having difficulty adjusting to. Definitely a must read for anyone who is […]