101 LINQ Samples

Still not sure what LINQ’s all about or why it’s “so freakin’ cool”? Well check out the 101 LINQ samples up on MSDN. WARNING: You may want to put a bib on before clicking through to the article as involuntary drooling may ensue shortly after you begin reading. ;P

Why so few BitmapEffects?

Now that BitmapEffects (formally ImageEffects) have returned in this build of WPF, some have already begun wondering why there are only two (drop shadow and blur). Well, fear not! At the final PDC session I attended, where the low level architecture of WPF was discussed in an open forum manner, the WPF team has said that they […]


The hottest technology of the PDC so far is LINQ for me. I’m a huge fan of O/R mappers and have written my own and so it’s quite interesting to see how DLINQ has come together. Anders just made a comment like “With DLINQ we allow you to return only partial object queries, no other O/R […]

Begging For Quartz

Quartz is the codename for an web development IDE, part of the Expression suite, that is targeted at web designers/developers. It’s undeniably the best implementation of web development environment out of Microsoft ever. It blows VS.NET off the face of the Earth with it’s support for designing web sites with respect to standards technologies (CSS, [X|D]HTML, XSLT, etc.). It also […]