XmlSelectNodes Task for MSBuild

Since MSBuild ships with only a core set of intrinsic tasks, we recently downloaded the MSBuild community tasks and went to town with experimenting converting some of our existing nAnt scripts to MSBuild. We use nAnt’s xmlpeek/xmlpoke quite a bit to tweak our .NET config files for different deployment targets. I noticed the community tasks project had a […]

Peter Provost in love with MSH too

Peter just posted a nice little MSH script for listing out csproj files and their guids. Feeling inspired, here’s one I wrote that helps me find all projects that reference another project: get-childitem -Include *.csproj -Recurse | where-object { ((get-content $_)).SelectSingleNode(‘//*[local-name() = “ProjectReference”]/*[local-name() = “Name” and text() = “<your project name here>”]’) -ne $null } […]

TFSC MSH Provider Implementation

Wow, ask and ye shall receive! James Manning has released an initial implentation of an MSH provider for TFSC. Make sure to check out the MSH Community Workspace, where he contributed the source, too! Update: James contacted me to let me know about two things: I had a little typo in the title (“TSFC” instead of “TFSC”) which I’ve fixed I […]

Karsten on the WPF Learning Curve

Karsten Januszewski posted a great entry yesterday about the learning curve of WPF. Basically the general message you get for WPF is that it’s going to make our lives simpler and improve the developer and designer experience such that you’ll be able to crank out great looking, functional, feature rich apps all day long. I personally agree with this […]

WPF Performance Blog

Stumbled across the blog of Tim Cahill today. Apparently he’s the man to talk to when it comes to WPF performance. Playing with WPF and having some problems squeezing every last ounce out of CPU and GPU? Check out his blog for ways to analyze and optimize your WPF apps!