IE8 Officially Announced, VPCs ready for download within 24hrs?

Wow, Microsoft is really on a roll here these past couple weeks. First, IE8 is officially announced here on the IE Blog and then PeteL, a member of the IE team, announced he’s already uploaded the VPCs and is just waiting for them to propagate to all of Microsoft’s content servers. So, I guess we […]

Microsoft Unleashes Volta

Well, I knew there had to be a reason that we haven’t seen any real movement in the ASP.NET AJAX Futures realm for a while… say hello to Volta. Basically it’s Microsoft’s approach to using .NET to emit client side code (JavaScript). It shouldn’t be too big a surprise that Microsoft was working on this […]

No implementation of a Session-State Store Provider over Memcache out there yet?

All my searching tells me that nobody out there has created a custom Session-State Store Provider for ASP.NET that sits on top of Memcache. Are people just hardcoding themselves to Memcache API directly rather than using the provider model? Or are most people just happy with ASP.NET’s out of the box state server? So sad […]