A post on Silverlight 2’s layout and rendering

I just wanted to link to this great post on Silverlight 2’s layout and rendering features. Both features borrow heavily from WPF, but there are also important differences. For one, unlike WPF, there is only one tree… no Logical vs. Visual. Also very cool mention of Silverlight 2’s rendering internals being many-core friendly so it […]

How to do SSL pass-through with WCF (a link for the MVP crowd)

I sat in on a very informative roundtable discussion about WCF tips, tricks and pitfalls this afternoon here at the MVP conference. In that discussion one of the topics that came up was load balancing. After some brief discussion, I chimed in with a pitfall that people would need to watch out for which is […]

Mimeo looking for a Web Services freak of nature

Alright, I’m reaching out via my blog for anyone in the NYC area who has strong experience writing web services and wants to join an awesome team, using awesome, bleeding edge technology to develop an enterprise level API for Mimeo. Skills required: At least 5 years programming with C# and .NET Must understand .NET 2.0 […]