WCF Fault Detail serialization does not support XmlSerializerFormat?

Just found out WCF does not supporting XmlSerializerFormat for custom fault details (see note under Creating Strongly Typed Faults section here). Everything else in my contracts is defined using this approach and now I have to use DataContracts for my fault details? What’s up with that? Seems superbly  lame and inconsistent to me. Gonna have […]

How To: SSL Passthrough with WCF –or– TransportWithMessageCredential over plain HTTP

I asked a question in the forums a week or so ago about how one could go about getting username credentials to be passed through HTTP. The problem is that, out of the box, WCF will not allow you to specify message credentials without using a secure transport. This is probably a really smart move for Microsoft […]

Providing custom context to your WCF service instance

In my last post about providing custom context I described a way that allowed you to scope the context to the operation/method level. This time I’m going to show you a way that will allow you to scope your context to the service instance level. As you may, or may not, know there are a few instancing modes for […]

Providing custom context to your WCF service operations

First off, I’d like to say that I absolutely love how extensible WCF is. So far there hasn’t been anything I can’t do. Unfortunately the documentation, examples and guidance around extensibility is still lacking a bit at this point. This is somewhat disturbing considering that RC1 just went out. Now, on to what I really want to […]

String: The XML World’s Equivalent of void*

So I jumped into a discussion on microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.webservices where the author asked the best way to send DataSets over web services. One of the initial responses was basically (to paraphrase) “…just pass it as strings and use GetXml, ReadXml to dehydrate/rehydrate the DataSet…”. The author of said post has, IMHO, been trying to tap dance […]

Amazon Message Queuing Web Service…?

I just noticed Amazon is beta testing a Message Queuing Web Service (via TSS.NET). What has me scratching my head here is, what exactly is Amazon doing here? Are they getting into the software business now? Previously everything they’ve released has been to enable them to sell more goods, but this service seems like it’s a pure software product […]