Ok, normally I don’t like RPGs very much, but I picked up Fable when it came out and am probably like 1/4 of the way into the storyline and I’m really liking it so far. The story is great so far and the level of character customization is amazing. I’m playing the game as a […]

When’s the next drop then…?

Hopefully things have cooled enough since the cut-back announcement to ask this question without everyone getting all upset or starting yet another thread of FUD, so here goes: It’s been quite some time since the general development community has seen a refreshed drop of Longhorn… I believe WinHec was the last? Obviously things are a […]

Losing MVP Status

I’ve been an MVP since the early J++ days (1997’ish?). Then when .NET came along I was transitioned to the generic .NET Group and most recently pigeon holed into the C# Group. Unfortunately with all the “real” work I’ve been doing these past six months or so I just haven’t had as much time to commit to the […]

ConfigXmlDocument does not set BaseURI

Here’s a missing piece of functionality that’s frustrating me right now: Basically, XmlDocument has a virtual property called BaseURI that subclasses can override to provide the base URI (go figure) from where the XmlDocument instance was loaded. In a normal XmlDocment, if you call the Load override specifying the “filename” parameter, it will set it’s BaseURI […]