What’s wrong with the CLS not supporting generics fully?

I saw Brad’s post entitled The Love Affair is Over which is a response to the announcement of support for generics being added to the CLS 2.0 and wanted to chime in. In Brad’s post he mentions that James Robertson shares the same opinion. It seems to me that James has confused CLS (Common Language Specification) and CLR (Common […]

IanG on the Difficulties of Rendering Moving Pictures

Ian Griffiths just posted an awesome entry on animation and the problems related to rendering. I learned a lot reading it, so I highly recommend it to anyone else who is into this subject… which should pretty much be anyone who is going to be building applications with Avalon. 😉 Avalon should hide some of the […]

WinFS Delay Critics: Stop trying to make it sound so easy

Ok look, I’m not exactly thrilled with the fact that WinFS might not see the light of day until ~2010 either. I’ve been looking forward to the point where rich forms of data are managed by the OS for quite some time. Imagine being able to ship a product where you don’t need to install a custom database […]

Avalon Service Architecture Going Away?

I just noticed I can’t find any documentation on ServiceManager, IScopedService, etc. in the WinFX SDK. It looks like all the Annotation Framework classes are all marked as obsolete as well. I thought the Annotation Services were an awesome idea. John Developer can just add this feature to his application with very little work on his end. Not only that, […]

A Concrete Example Where Closed Source Makes Sense

Joe Marini just made a post titled “When Secrets Make Sense”. Personally I think he’s dead on. How can you even argue that point? If I rolled out a product that solved a problem or set of problems that nobody else out there has solved, why in the hell would I tell everyone else how to solve […]

Avalon: Understanding DependencyObject and DependencyProperty

I’m writing this article in response to a newsgroup posting where the reader states: I am confused by this concept : why it is designed like this? Is there any document on it’s design purpose and intention? The document in Avalon CTP is not helpful. I’m sure a lot of people either are, or will […]

Avalon: Visual Tree vs. Logical Tree Trickiness

Someone asked a good question in the WinFx newsgroups about how to go from a the result of a hit test (via UIElement::InputHitTest) to a Button. Now InputHitTest returns IInputElement which you can then cast to FrameworkElement. At first you might think you can just walk up the logical tree from there using FrameworkElement::Parent until you run into the […]