Three Approaches To Coding Avalon Applications

Rob Relyea just posted up a little piece that details the three different approaches developers can take to code their Avalon applications. I’m not sure if he was working on it prior to this, but there was a question in the Avalon NG earlier today about how a Delphi person can code Avalon applications and this answers that perfectly. […] Update has just announced we’ve closed on another $9mil in funding. We’re also one of two hundred companies nominated for the Red Herring 100. Exciting times for the company as we’re really hitting our stride and beginning to find that we’ve done a good job establishing ourselves as a dependable name in the industry. On the development […]

Build PDB Information For Release Builds Using An Upgraded nAnt Solution Task

I’m sure we all know the advantages of having PDB information for our release builds by now, right? Well nAnt’s <solution> task doesn’t support this today because it only supports the same features as VS.NET which only use the compiler’s /debug switch with the +|- options. The .NET 1.1 version of the managed code compilers […]

Tip for Building Unicode QueryString’s From JavaScript

Here’s a tidbit of info that will hopefully help some people out. It took me a couple stabs at Google keyword combinations to find the answer. Basically the problem was that we’re taking user input in an HTML page which can include Unicode characters and need to pass that on the query string to an […]