Drew Marsh

Chief Software Architect, Mimeo Inc.

Workflow + Portable Class Library (PCL) == No Intellisense In Visual Studio 2012-2013 (with fix!)

A few months ago I decided I wanted to bring some Reactive Extensions (Rx) awesomeness into some of my custom workflow activities. So, as any good .NET dev would do, I fired up the Package Manager Console and typed Install-Package Rx-Main and it installed Rx 2.1 for me. Then I started leveraging Rx APIs in […]

ScriptCs.ClrMD – Enabling rich, programmatic .NET Diagnostics

I’ve been tweeting about this for a little over a week now, but I figured it would make for a good subject for my first blog post since saying I was going to try for a comeback in 2013 which, otherwise, hasn’t been going so well thus far. 😉 Ok, so if you haven’t already heard […]

Microsoft Announces Shared CDN for Common AJAX Scripts

ScottGu broke the news last night that Microsoft is making a shared CDN available for the purposes of hosting the AJAX scripts. The full details of the scripts that are supported right now are available here, but basically it’s ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 5 (which just came out) and jQuery 1.3.2. If you’re using ASP.NET […]

ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 5 Released, Includes “Disposable Objects” Performance Fix!

Good news, ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 5 is here! Better yet, Microsoft has overhauled the implementation of tracking disposable objects to include the performance enhancement that was discussed in my “ASP.NET AJAX ‘Disposable Objects’ Performance Heads Up” posts (Part I & II). So how’d they do it? They tag each disposable object with an integer […]

Full Expression Tree Support Coming in .NET/C# 4.0

Yesssssssss! I’ve been waiting and hoping that this was coming in 4.0 and now it’s official: Full Expression Tree Support. This seems like a HUGE step forward to me. With the advent of this feature, one can finally implement support for converting an expression written in C# to something that runs on the GPU. For […]

ASP.NET AJAX “Disposable Objects” Performance Heads Up – Part II

Ok, I had to put together a Part II to this topic because I was totally wrong in Part I about objects being able to be used as keys because… well, I’m an idiot and didn’t do all my fact checking to make sure my implementation was 100% sound. 🙂 Thanks to Dave Reed who […]

ASP.NET AJAX “Disposable Objects” Performance Heads Up

Update: Make sure you read Part II as there was ultimately a fundamental flaw in this implementation which prevents it from working as I originally thought. One of the important features of the ASP.NET AJAX client side framework is the concept of disposing of components/controls so that they unregister event handlers and release DOM element […]

Getting a distinct list of changed files from TFS using PowerShell

If you’re like me and need to do code-reviews of other people’s stuff or maybe you just want to see everything that’s changed during a certain period of a project, then here’s a nice PowerShell tip for you. First, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Team Foundation Powertools. Starting with the October […]