I’m going to AWWDC

What… you don’t know what AWWDC is? Well, make sure you’re sitting down because this may come as a shock. It’s the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. *insert record scratching/squealing tires sound here* Seeing as how I’m like Mr. Microsoft when it comes to software the most common reaction to this is probably “Woahhhhhhhhhhh, what the…?!?” Well… […]

Adobe and Microsoft doing the PR dance around Office 2007 PDF support

Just noticed via Dare’s blog that Adobe has officially responded to Microsoft’s announcement that PDF will be pulled due to fears of Adobe lawsuits. Then Microsoft comes back with a reassurance that all they’re trying to do is offer the best possible experience for the users that want PDFs from their Office documents and not […]

Office 2007 to be stripped of its PDF generation capabilities?

Looks like Microsot is expecting Adobe to seek legal action against it based on a “break down in talks” about Office 2007’s built in PDF generation. From the way the article makes it sound, Microsoft has basically already decided to pull the feature. PDF is an open standard, so I dunnuh how much of this is reality yet. This post that I […]