Frisky Dingo

As a huge fan of all things on Adult Swim, I had to make sure to catch the premiere of Frisky Dingo. It was frickin’ hilarious. I was a huge fan of Sealab 2021 and this is from the same group of people. Not that I like to encourage copyright enfringement, but if you didn’t get […]

My first week with Vista

So, this is my first week running Vista (RC1) on my primary machine. It’s a laptop that I use exclusively both at work and at home. The specs are:   Alienware M7700 3.8GHz Intel P4 w/HT 2GB RAM 100GB 7200RPM SATA HD (two NTFS partitions) nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra Go (beta WDDM drivers) Realtek High Definition […]

Agile Architect

Sam Gentile has an absolutely awesome post on the importance of the role of the Software Architect even in Agile based development. As Chief Software Architect here at Mimeo, this obviously touches close to home. We’ve adopted Agile, but I still make sure that we budget time for architecture tasks for each iteration. As Sam […]

I’m going to AWWDC

What… you don’t know what AWWDC is? Well, make sure you’re sitting down because this may come as a shock. It’s the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. *insert record scratching/squealing tires sound here* Seeing as how I’m like Mr. Microsoft when it comes to software the most common reaction to this is probably “Woahhhhhhhhhhh, what the…?!?” Well… […]

Upgrading to SubText

Please bear with me while I upgrade from .Text 0.95 to SubText 1.0. Everything should just be working, but it’s not quite as pretty as it was right now because I haven’t finished working on the skin. Then again, most people are probably reading all my content from an RSS reader anyway. My main motivation […]