The Build Master

I picked up The Build Master a couple weeks ago, but have just gotten around to reading it. I’m only up to chapter five, but it’s already justified itself as a purchase. What I found most amazing so far is how the author paints an exact picture of what I just had to deal with here […]

TFS RTM Migration Complete!

We had to go from single server, on test hardware, in separated domain to dual servers, both new hardware in a new domain. We had to try twice as the first time our SharePoint and Report servers weren’t connecting to their DBs correctly, but it’s all working flawlessly now! The documentation was basically spot on, so I […]

Migrating to TFS RTM

Now that TFS has RTM’d, check here for documentation about migrating your test environments to a production environment. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this documentation so that we can finally get off our slow ass VM evaluation environment onto some brand spankin’ new hardware purchased to run TFS and nothin’ but TFS! 😉 I’ll be sure to post […]

How to perform UI automation of browser apps with MSH (WATIR without the Ruby)

For anyone who’s familiar with WATIR, check out this simple MSH script I whipped up: # Create an instance of IE$ie = new-object -ComObject “InternetExplorer.Application” # Navigate to MSN search$ie.Navigate(“”) # Make IE visible$ie.Visible = $true # Grab the DOM document instance$document = $ie.Document # !! See note at end of post !! # Get […]


This month’s Print Solutions Magazine is all about Web-to-Print and as part of their cover story they have an article that talks about Mimeo called Mimeo on the Move. Here’s the lead in with a great quote from our CEO: The industry’s fastest-growing company relies on speed, precision and web-to-print. Its aggressive CEO’s mission: Make “Mimeo” a […]