ASP.NET custom control with ParseChildren(false) not playing well in the designer or with WAP

I just made a post to the ASP.NET forms for Web Application Projects about this because that’s where it’s affecting me immediately, but honestly I think it’s a bigger problem than that. Basically I’ve got an ASCX whose code-behind is marked with ParseChildren(false). I then use AddParsedSubObject to handle the adding of controls inside of that […]

Why WPF exists

This interview with Michael Wallent over on Channel9 is hands down the best public explanation I’ve ever seen/heard from Microsoft on why WPF was created and what some of the major goals and design decisions were. Some interesting tidbits that came out of the interview: Plans to make an WPF “scene” 100% scriptable for smoother integration with Web apps […]

Monad (MSH) Design Decisions

Check out this response from Monad Architect Jeffrey Snover to some constructive criticism from the community. In it he justifies some of the design decisions that were made. He really tries to drive home the point that Monad is primarily a shell language and secondarily a scripting language. He also mentions that there will be a new drop coming […]