Hmmm, this is certainly interesting. Not sure how I feel about it honestly. On one hand I think it’s kinda cool and innovative, but another part of me wonders if it’s the right approach to solving the problem. Keep in mind that JavaScript 2.0 is basically aligning itself with Microsoft’s JScript.NET implementation (note: MS worked closely with ECMA on […]

Upgrading to SubText

Please bear with me while I upgrade from .Text 0.95 to SubText 1.0. Everything should just be working, but it’s not quite as pretty as it was right now because I haven’t finished working on the skin. Then again, most people are probably reading all my content from an RSS reader anyway. My main motivation […]

ADO.NET 3.0 Feature Preview

Wow, check this MSDN article out. The future sure looks bright for ADO.NET. Coupled with the recent innovations in client databinding technologies (ASP.NET 2.0, WinForms 2.0), forthcoming LINQ innovations and forthcoming client databinding innovations in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).  Microsoft sure seems set to take data access, manipulation and presentation to the next level. The only question I have is, […]