System.ServiceModel.Web: be aware of differences in element names when using BodyStyle Bare vs. Wrapped

I’ve been doing a lot of digging around System.ServiceModel.Web lately and have come across a subtle difference in the way the XML is produced for POX endpoints when switching between BodyStyle.Bare and BodyStyle.Wrapped[Response]. The quick and dirty explanation, if you’re using Bare and you return a DataContract with Name=”Foo”, the name of root element returned […]

Collection property serialization with DataContractSerializer takes us a step backwards?

Since I have to define my fault details with DataContractSerializer attributes for now (I hope it’s only for now anyway), I was looking at how to translate a property that was previously serialized by the XmlSerializer using XmlArrayAttribute and XmlArrayItemAttribute. Well, I figured out pretty quick there was no equivalent, found CollectionDataContractAttribute, but thought “noooo, […]