.NET Parallel Extensions (PLINQ) now available for download!

Microsoft’s really steppin’ things up! Three major announcements today: first Silverlight 2.0, then ASP.NET Extensions and now the first public release of the Parallel Extensions library. Unlike the former two,which are due out some time next week, you can download the Parallel Extensions right here , right now! While you’re waiting for the download, check […]

Vista + Visual Studio 2005 + Remote Desktop == teh suck

Alright, maybe my VPN is slow, but I don’t think that’s the real problem here. It looks to me like Visual Studio repaints everything like 600 times when using it through remote desktop on Vista. I don’t know why the performance is so bad, but I’m literally seeing like one keystroke taking a second or more to […]

No JavaScript IntelliSense in Orcas Web *Application* Projects yet?

I can’t get references to work in Web Application Projects in Orcas. They seem to work fine under a regular Web Site Project though. Bug? I sure hope so… To check this out for yourself, create a Web Site and Web Application Project. Make sure you manually add a reference to System.Web.Extensions for the WAP […]