Can’t instrument project targets for ASP.NET performance session?

I just posted this question to the forums, but I figured I’d post here as well in case anybody subscribers out there know the answer and also for future edification: I create a new ASP.NET performance session and point it at my web application directory (i.e. not using IIS). Now, I can sucessfully get performance data […]

TFSC MSH Provider Implementation

Wow, ask and ye shall receive! James Manning has released an initial implentation of an MSH provider for TFSC. Make sure to check out the MSH Community Workspace, where he contributed the source, too! Update: James contacted me to let me know about two things: I had a little typo in the title (“TSFC” instead of “TFSC”) which I’ve fixed I […]

Migrating to TFS RTM

Now that TFS has RTM’d, check here for documentation about migrating your test environments to a production environment. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this documentation so that we can finally get off our slow ass VM evaluation environment onto some brand spankin’ new hardware purchased to run TFS and nothin’ but TFS! 😉 I’ll be sure to post […]