May ASP.NET AJAX Futures CTP… wtf?

Soooo, ok, they released a new May CTP of ASP.NET AJAX futures. It’s got some new support in there for Silverlight related stuff now. Great, awesome, love to see it and totally understand they need to pimp the new platform. What has really happened beyond that though? I’m not seeing (m)any differences in the xml-script, bindings, controls and […]

Microsoft Announces Silverlight Streaming

Upload up to 4gigs to Microsoft’s network and they’ll give you back a URL that you can point to and present however you like in your own web site. Backed by Microsoft’s content network, you can be sure that if you’re Slashdotted or Digg’d your video will (hopefully) still be served up to everyone at full […]

Silverlight to include “First Class” .NET Runtime

There it is. As I suspected, Ray Ozzie just anounced they are pushing out a “first class” .NET runtime environment with Silverlight that will allow you to develop using any .NET languages!!!! I’m waiting to hear details on what exactly “first class” means… will there be full BCL support for example? Update 1:53 EST: Wow. It’s a […]

Maybe I should have gone to Mix?

Sounds like it might have been a mistake to blow Mix off this year. Last year’s just didn’t seem all that compelling, but this year with Microsoft offering so many new web technologies I’m beginning to think I’m missing out. Well, guess I’ll just keep an eye on the Mix07 site. You can even watch the keynote live (starts […]

No JavaScript IntelliSense in Orcas Web *Application* Projects yet?

I can’t get references to work in Web Application Projects in Orcas. They seem to work fine under a regular Web Site Project though. Bug? I sure hope so… To check this out for yourself, create a Web Site and Web Application Project. Make sure you manually add a reference to System.Web.Extensions for the WAP […]

WPF/E no more, say hello to Silverlight

Well, you’ve probably read this some place else already, but I’m jumping on the bandwaggon since I think it’s a huge announcement. The technology formerly known as WPF/E is now officially called Silverlight. You can read all about it over here. I think this is a huge step for Microsoft… and one that’s going in […]